About Us

King Textiles

Why to choose us?


It will be fair enough if you know that we offer the prices at wholesale rate so that the client feels it pocket friendly to shop with us and keep purchasing for a long time.


We never compromise with the quality as we consider it as our success pillar. We believe that compromising on quality leads to losing market share or clients.

Availability of stock

We make sure that we never run out of stock whenever a customer asks for something. To keep this bond intact, we work on the Inventory Management policy and keep monitoring the stock every day.

Analysis of market requirement and customer needs

We do deep research on what the market requires and our customers look forward while purchasing with us on a periodic basis.

The relationship we maintain with our customers

We believe that if we have customers, we have everything. That is why, we have appointed a separate team to answer the queries of customers and satisfy them on their needs. For us customer satisfaction is above all.